This post is a slightly less serious one. No theology, no deep thoughts, just a little funny story about bugs. 

Do you like bugs? 

I'm not a huge fan. I find most of them ugly, and if they don't come with evil eyes (or teeth) they're probably poisonous or spreaders of some kind of disease. I hate especially those with those long spooky antennas, you know, the ones that move around like they're "feeling" the air seconds before they detect you and jump to bite you right in the neck, vampire-style.  mean, even the "pretty-looking" ones (and by that I mean butterflies and ladybirds) look kinda off. Seriously, have you looked a butterfly in the eye? Take the pretty wings off and what you've got left looks pretty much like a strange naked moth. And the ladybirds, see how they hide their wings under their shell? That's right, the two red spotty shelly things are NOT wings! They only use those to jump around. Would you trust someone who deliberately chooses to hide this kind of TRUTH from you? Well, I wouldn't. So there.
That said, I do not consider myself an enemy of the bugs. I realise this may sound contradictory with not only what I've just written, but also considering my experience with bugs this past year.

You may or may not remember my little insect-related problems when I first arrived in Aix. I was literally surrounded. Kitchen, cupboards, front door, toilet, living room and, as I found out later, even my bed was infested. Armed with all sorts of more or less eco-friendly products, I fought the good fight. It involved a lot of blood and tears (literally). The bugs won. I moved out. Was it a humbling experience? Hmmm. No. It was a nightmare and I had never felt so stressed during the 6 weeks I spent in that flat than I had been my entire life, except maybe the first time I had to talk to a Yorkshire bus driver (but that's another story).

This little history between me and bugs is precisely why I love the irony of last night's email. I received an email offering to give me money for taking photos of my shoes crushing and smashing... BUGS. I kid you not.

photographic evidence:
This is what the underlined bit says (roughly):

"[The job] is about making short videos of bugs being crushed under a shoe. You can do it yourself at home by following the instructions. Bugs will be ordered and delivered by post for free."

You know what the funny thing is? The first question that went through my head wasn't "How much does he pay people for that?" or "What kind of shoe do I have to wear?". No, it was "Will the bugs be alive in their boxes?". You see, despite my genuine disdain for bugs, I don't particularly enjoy killing them. I love nature - it's God's creation and bugs are a part of it so I do find them fascinating and wonderful in that sense. But I'm not one of those people who will smash a spider or whatever crawly thing shows up under my nose without giving it a thought, not if it's not threatening my health in some kind of way. Chances are I would probably tell YOU off if I saw you killing an ant for no reason. 

I don't know who this bug-buster guy is. His ad is probably a scam. If it's not a scam I find the concept ridiculous, useless and inciting cruelty towards animals. Even if the bugs are fake ones. 

So what do I do? Should I respond just to try and find out what the deal is? Or tell him he ought to post his ads in a more relevant section next time? (unless babysitters around the world are now known for their amazing smashing-innocent-living-things skills, which in that case should worry all the parents out there).

What about you : 
Are you afraid of bugs or one in particular? 
How do you deal with your phobia? 
Have you ever taken part in a bug crushing video clip? 
Have you ever looked a butterfly in the eye? (kidding- although...)
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