Tonight, dear friends, I changed a guitar string all by myself for the very first time!

Now, confession time. Up until now I had never bothered to learn how to do it and had been asking guys in music stores, friends (and even my stepmother once) to do it for me. Yes yes, I know, how dare she say that she loves playing guitar, etc.

As you can tell from the picture it definitely was not done by a pro! I struggled to wrap the string around the post the first time and through the whole the right way; as a result, the end of the string got a little kinked, then my hands got sweaty and I had to pull it out and do everything all over again  -  I was a little stressed at that stage and thought I'd wrecked the string - and I had to finish the job using tweezers... I guess I'll have to learn to stretch my strings at the beginning a bit better.

It doesn't look super pretty but hey, it works for now and I can play again! That's what matters, right?

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